To supply and manufacture high-quality process control instrumentation.

To work with our customers in developing and producing engineered solutions in line with their requirements.

To complement and assist the activities of our customers in every way possible


Bintech was started by Michael Bindon in 1993. In 2012 Bintech was sold and is now led by George Benca as Managing Director. The company represents many international companies and also manufactures a range of products under its own brand.

Bintech is dedicated to supplying quality innovative products and most importantly, personal service to its customers.

We combine technical backup with the ability to adapt products to a client’s specific needs. We are recognised as a preferred supplier for level, flow and water quality monitoring products to the oil and gas, fuel distribution and water associated industries.

Areas of Specialisation

Bintech offers level measurement devices from a number of different suppliers and several different technologies. This enables us to provide the best possible solution for a client’s measurement application.

In our portfolio, Bintech has instruments of its own design, including level transmitters, overfill alarms and remote level monitoring systems. On-site commissioning and telephone assistance as well as workshop repair, servicing and calibration of our instrumentation is provided.

Bintech are distributors for a wide range of high-quality instrumentation from major international manufacturers. Products including flow and level transmitters for liquids and solids. Analysers for a comprehensive range of water quality measurements.

The provision of technical support and advice to customers, custom-built products as well as problem-solving are important features of Bintech’s business. Bintech prides itself on its personalised service and attention to detail along with a working knowledge of each customer and their particular requirements.

What We Do

Level switches, Alarms and Transmitters

A range of technologies is offered – ultrasonic, radar, magnetic level gauges, float operated, vibration, RF capacitance. High accuracy magnetostrictive transmitters are available for liquids. Bintech manufactures float switches and level transmitters for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Bintech also manufactures overfill alarms, which are a proven design with over 10,000 manufactured to date.

LPG Tank Gauge

Bintech manufactures dedicated LPG tank gauging systems. Our product range includes Tank gauges, Flameproof Field Indicators and Remote Indicators.

Flow meters and switches

Magnetic, Ultrasonic and Doppler meters are offered. Custom-made spool pieces using Ultrasonic clamp-on sensors are a specialty. This method produces a low cost, but highly accurate, flow/energy meter. We also supply flow meters and switches for dry product/powder applications.

Pressure transmitters and switches

Robust industrial grade pressure switches and gauges are offered as well as a complete range of pressure transmitters.

Temperature transmitters and switches

Well built industrial temperature transmitters, switches and gauges are available to order.

Analytical instruments

Instruments are available for the water, wastewater industries. These measurements include Chlorine, Turbidity, Ozone, DO, pH, ammonia, nitrates, cyanide, fluoride and many others.

Products are sourced from local and overseas suppliers as well as items manufactured by Bintech.